The Tutelo are an Eastern Siouan tribe that formerly occupied the areas around  Virginia and North Carolina between 1573-1722.

The Tutelo boast a rich and proud history, filled with legendary adventure and respect for the Earth. White settlers like Captain John Smith first wrote of our tribe as far back as 1609, describing  our love of family and the fierce battles between our tribe and the Iroquois. In 1722 The Tutelo moved north and resettled on the Susquehanna in Shamokin, Pennsylvania where the remnants of our tribe remain to this day.  

Tutelo Today
Despite the erroneous reports of our tribe's demise, descendants of the Tutelo still live in the coal regions of Central Pennsylvania, preserving our language and cultivating the earth just as we have done for hundreds of years.

  Learn More about the Tutelo
You can learn more of our tribes history by following the links below. 

A condensed History
About the Tutelo language
Forced sterilizations of the Tutelos
Support the Tutelo tribe
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Tribe discusses land acquisition
Chief Jimmy is still scouting areas to develop the tribes first history museum. Recent flooding has presented several good buying opportunities along the Susquehanna.
Our kids, our culture
Efforts are underway to create a Saponi primer, so that the Tutelo language is again spoken by our children. The Tribe hopes to self-publish the first edition in 2007.
Native American Art raises flags
A recent art project conducted by the Guggenheim in New York has drawn the ire of Native Americans for its depiction of 'Redskin savagery'.
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